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Automobile & Truck Accident Attorneys

Reduce the amount of paperwork associated with your auto accident by hiring our expert auto accident lawyers, Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword. They’ll help you recover expenses related to the accident and fight for fair compensation.

Social Security Disability Attorneys

Are you unable to work as a result of a physical or mental condition? Call Social Security disability attorneys Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword at any point during your claim.

Personal Injury Attorneys

Contact our experienced personal injury lawyers, Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword, for assistance right away if you’ve been hurt, either physically or psychologically, due to someone else’s negligence. Our attorneys offer legal services to victims and will work to get the compensation you deserve.

Disability Attorneys

Use our knowledge to your advantage and get the Social Security benefits or insurance you deserve. Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword promise to provide personalized attention so you can start getting your life back together.

Sword & Broyles Attorneys at Law Office

Sword & Broyles provides representation in disability cases, and in accident cases involving serious injury or death.

We'll Give Your Case Personal & Careful Attention

At Sword & Broyles, our professional attorneys, Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword, know that it’s extremely stressful to lose your ability to work. Our attorneys also know that injuries from an automobile or truck accident or another type of personal injury can bring loss of income, physical and emotional stress, and chronic pain. Let Elizabeth and Larry advise and assist you through the claims process.

Don’t Worry—Our Attorneys Are Here for You

Turn to Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword for reliable communication with your medical providers. Our attorneys can help you gather important medical evidence, help you prepare for your disability hearing, and appeal any unfavorable decisions made in your claim. And if you have been injured by the fault of someone else, let them fight with insurance companies to obtain the compensation that’s your right. 

We’ll Make Your Case Our Main Focus

Do you need help getting your life back on track following an auto accident or personal injury incident? Talk to our hands-on attorneys, Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword. Besides offering superior legal assistance, Sword & Broyles Attorneys at Law promise to:

  • Listen
  • Provide Personalized Representation
  • Aggressively Defend Your Rights
  • Work Around the Clock 

It goes without saying that the law is constantly evolving. Elizabeth and Larry stay up to date on the latest cases, verdicts, and changes within the law. Our attorneys are ready and willing to discuss your personal injury case, disability claim, and eligibility for monetary compensation following an auto accident.

Let our attorneys get you the compensation you deserve.
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