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Defending Your Right to Social Security

What do you know about your Social Security rights? Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword are experienced Social Security attorneys who work hard to help you understand Social Security law and your protections. Attorneys Broyles and Sword understand how complicated and stressful filing for benefits can be.

If you’re suffering from a disability, depend on our Social Security attorneys’ in-depth understanding of the law and the court system to achieve the best outcome possible.

Don’t be intimidated by the legal process; let Sword & Broyles Attorneys at Law help with filing your claim and arguing your case before the judge.  

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Let Us Advocate on Your Behalf


Attorneys Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword have helped thousands of people obtain their Social Security Disability Insurance and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits.

Please note that our office does not accept every case. Our Social Security attorneys, Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword, carefully consider the nature and severity of your problems and other factors that affect eligibility. 

If our attorneys believe your medical or mental conditions make it unreasonably difficult or impossible for you to work, they want the opportunity to represent you and fight for your right to monthly disability income benefits and other benefits, such as Medicare.  

  • Schedule an appointment with our Social Security disability attorneys, Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword, and they’ll do everything they can to answer your questions. Let them help you get the Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income you deserve.

  • Allow our disability attorneys, Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword, to help you gather the medical records needed to properly support your claim. While our office can’t promise any specific deadlines, working with experienced disability attorneys can help speed up the process.

  • Don’t try to handle legal matters by yourself. Let Attorneys Broyles and Sword prepare you for the application process, so all of the Social Security paperwork will be submitted without error.

  • Turn to our Social Security attorneys, Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword, to help you gather evidence. Our attorneys can help you prove you’re unable to work and help you recover pay dating back to the initial discovery of the disability.

  • Know that Attorneys Broyles and Sword keep you well informed throughout the legal process. Whether it’s a new piece of evidence or an important decision made, trust you’ll hear it from our Social Security attorneys immediately. 

"We left a message for Ms. Broyles late Friday afternoon. She called that night to ask questions and to offer her knowledge of the social security process. She takes the time to listen to your situation. Very helpful, professional, and through."

-Actual Client Testimony

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