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Attorney Elizabeth K. Broyles has worked to build a reputation of honesty and hard work. She was raised on a large farm with three sisters. From a very early age, she began putting in long days of very hard, physical labor in the tobacco fields, hayfields, cucumber "patch,” cattle barns, pastures, and many other areas of farm life.

She has also worked as a construction laborer, assembly-line worker, waitress, bartender, retail clerk, mental health aide, and loader/unloader of trucks for UPS®, among other jobs.

From this background, she understands what hard labor demands of a person. She also understands the mental stresses of work, including what it takes to interact successfully with bosses and coworkers and the public.

She often says she uses her "farm girl screen" in evaluating disability cases. She believes people should work until it becomes so difficult it is not reasonable or even possible to continue. But if she decides your conditions should qualify you for disability benefits, she does her best to get them for you. The work ethic of a farm girl has carried over to her legal career.

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"I highly recommend Sword and Broyles attorneys. They are professional and they work hard for their clients. They were compassionate and informative and were successful in our disability case."

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Benefit from Our Disability Claims Expertise

Make sure to hire an experienced Social Security attorney like Elizabeth Broyles to handle your disability case. By letting Attorney Broyles represent you at the hearing and appeals council, you’re much more likely to be approved for benefits. Schedule a consultation today, and she’ll review the facts of your case, then determine if your claim has a chance to be successful.

  • Understand that Attorney Broyles helped thousands of people throughout Somerset, KY, and the surrounding areas file their disability claims. Making clients’ lives easier is her top priority.

  • Don’t wait any longer to file your disability claim. Getting that check in the mail each month could do wonders for your health, quality of life, and overall well-being.

  • Arrange a meeting with our Social Security attorneys, Elizabeth Broyles and Larry Sword, to evaluate your chances of winning the case. They can help you fill out paperwork and ensure no mistakes are made throughout the claims process.

  • Let our disability lawyer, Elizabeth Broyles, help you gather important documents from physicians. Attorney Broyles ensures all paperwork is submitted on time.

  • Know that you don’t pay a fee until Attorney Broyles or Sword recovers money on your behalf. What do you have to lose by contacting our law office for a free consultation? 

Our experienced disability lawyers are ready to fight for our clients.
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